I love doing currently's because it's a nice little snapshot of this moment in time. It's time to start doing these again. 

listening: Eco - CloZee Remix of Axel Thesleff
eating: homemade Zupa Soup. SO GOOD.
drinking: water, water, coffee...
wearing: Athliesure. That's all I've worn in 2020 really.
feeling: tired but motivated to get work done.
weather: cold and overcast. 
wanting: to write for myself more. It's truly all I have.
needing: to EAT. I'm constantly hungry this time of the month if you know what I mean. 
thinking: about everything I need to do now to leave town for NYE. 
enjoying: my job. I'm so grateful and really love what I do. 
reading: NOT ENOUGH. I don't read like I used to and don't like that! Definitely something to fix in 2021. 
writing: not much :/ I really want to make this more of a priority. Another thing to fix in 2021. 
hoping: to move out next year for good. I say this every year and it never happens. 
craving: Something unhealthy that I definitely shouldn't be eating. 
obsessing: over music. As always. 

What are some of your responses to these?