Meditation Reflection - December 21, 2020

I just did my first meditation for the first time in a really long time and it brought up some really interesting thoughts and feelings within me. 

I set my intention to live a more authentic life. My mind immediately brought up some things in my life that are both authentic and unathentic. 

Things that are authentic:

  • my love for these spiritual topics and diving into my consciousness and unconsciousness
  • my love for movement and connecting with my body, mind, spirit, and Earth through that movement
  • my full-time job at a company I really love

Things that are unauthentic: 

  • some people I'm involved with for work purposes. This year with them has just felt very fake and that energy has really been not sitting well with me all year. I want to wait it out until shows come back and we can interact in person so I can really assess the situation. But all in all, some true colors have been shown and I've just been ignoring it but it's obviously really affecting me on many levels. 
Super interesting what comes up when you just let the mind go. The mind knows. The body knows. The spirit knows. They all know what's up and it's up to our conscious mind if we want to act on it and deal with it or not. 

I'm going to keep reflecting and working on these things. My spirit needs it badly.