Thoughts on Personal and Sacred Space

Having your own personal and sacred space is so important. Having those spaces this year has been really hard for me. I live at home due to a terrible time finding a full-time job and finding steady income, nevertheless the pandemic that hit this year. I’ve had to find solstice during strange hours and it’s caused me to cherish everything little quiet moment that much more.

It’s noon on a Thursday and no one is home and I’m playing hookie from work so I can have some uninterrupted me time. That’s one benefit of working from home and being a contractor. You're on your time and no one else. But the drawback is that my personal and sacred space has also become my workspace and sometimes it’s hard to separate the two.

Your sacred space should be comfortable, cozy, and a place where you can be the ultimate version of yourself. Tons of pillows, comfort items, candles, and warmth. It should be a place of solitude where no one else can enter without your permission.

I really want to work on my personal and sacred space because currently, it is chaotic and not a place of solstice for me. It’s messy, it doubles as my office, anyone walks in at any time, and it just overall does not have good vibes. Definitely, something I’m going to put some work into for the end of the year.

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