Writing for Myself

It’s been a while since I’ve written just for me and I think that’s why I feel so mentally blocked. I don’t even feel just creatively blocked, but blocked in every way. I’m still me and still know who I am but I’ve definitely strayed from that girl who could easily tap into her feelings and her mind and just write and write and write.

I’ve always wanted to write as a career and am definitely doing that now, but writing for other people and not for my pleasure has gotten monotonous and I can feel myself slipping away from the passion I’ve had for writing before. All I do is write for clicks and write for promo and not from the heart anymore and that’s just not the way to go through this life.

Creativity needs to come from within and needs to be something you genuinely love doing and something you would die doing. I DO love my writing job and love what I’m writing about and what I’m promoting…so I guess I just miss me and miss writing for me. I used to have a blog in college and it has some incredible content on it that I will always cherish. I want this throughout my twenties too and I’ve lost it and I desperately want it back.

So, this is me taking it back.