Quarantine Me

Quarantine Me is so very different from the me who was existing before the world shut itself inside. 

Quarantine Me is very judgey, jumps to conclusions sometimes, and is having a hard time thinking that we will ever get out of this. 

Quarantine Me has a hard time organizing and dealing with my thoughts, as they are my only friend and the only ones I have to talk to most of the time. 

Quarantine Me craves vacation, but that's now basically illegal and frowned upon, especially since I work from home and have the freedom to work in my pajamas. 

Quarantine Me doesn't seem interested in the things I used to love. 

Quarantine Me doesn't see the point anymore. 

Quarantine Me is ready for the world to start living again so I can rediscover myself again. 

Maybe that was the point of Quarantine Me. To lose myself to intensely, that I can refind myself all over again.

I wonder who I will be this time.