Monthly Renewal Diary #1


My period is something that I've struggled whole life. From debilitating migraines to cramps to not getting my period at all, I've been through it. I want to start logging my period experiences in hopes of learning more about my body and what it's doing that that I can work with it more and hopefully eventually have a pain-free period and get off birth control. 

Last month, I was so stressed out that I only spotted and never properly bled. So this month, I'm embracing every symptom, every headache, every tear that I shed in hopes of properly bleeding and letting my body renew itself. I am blessed to start fresh every month and plan on leaning into it as much as possible. 

My body has been through quite the hormonal journey and I think that is definitely affecting everything in my being. The constant consumption of hormones that my body doesn't make has thrown me for a loop and has caused my body to close up and turn in on itself. 

I need my body to open. I need her to embrace herself and bleed back into the world. The world has injected so much into me that I need to give back to her through my body. I never thought I would be begging my body to bleed, but here I am. 

The female body needs to bleed in order to renew. It's simple biology. 

By bleeding, we are not only renewing our uterus, but we are renewing our entire body, hormone system, and mindset. The female hormone cycle is a month-long process, with bleeding be the start of a new cycle. 

It's a time for new beginnings, new ideas, new creativity.